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Luck and Cap de Llauset – they seem to go together!

Back at Cap de Llauset in the month of May once more..and once more with a weather forecast that left a lot to be desired. And once more, luck was on our side.. ‘audaces fortuna iuvat’ maybe? The proverb dating … Continue reading

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Cold Spring Days in Cap de Llauset

I was complaining ten days back about the warm temps of late April, but right at the end of the month the weather changed, temperatures dropped and first water and then frozen crystals began to fall from the sky. The … Continue reading

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One more Wonder of Water..from the disappearing Pyrenees

Many and varied are the water wonders of the mountain chain that separates the Iberian peninsula from the rest of Europe. Beyond surging rivers and crashing falls, you have the most stunningly placid mountain lakes..but you also have the dramatic … Continue reading

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Summer in the Pyrenees II – Puerto de Benasque and Pico Salvaguardia

After almost a week spent in and around the lower Benasque and Estós valleys – as recounted in my last post – we moved up the valley the following week to where the high mountains and last remaining glaciers of … Continue reading

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High peaks of the Pyrenees..for all the family!

Last week i got to spend some days in the Pyrenees with father-and-son team Angel and Diego. There are probably plenty of fathers and sons – and not a few mothers and daughters either – skiing in the Pyrenees. But … Continue reading

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Early Spring skiing in la Maladeta

Spring is the season for mountain skiing. Particularly for Big Mountain skiing. Even in the Guadarrama where we don’t have any really big mountains, Spring is usually the best time to ski the bigger, steeper lines of Peñalara’s East face … Continue reading

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