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Trees, rocks, streams.. in the snow.

This is a tree that i visit regularly in Winter..on days of bad visibility it’s often as high as you can go, or at least the last reliable landmark on the way to the top of Hermana Menor. How many … Continue reading

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The Wise Kings have been generous!

After the utter misery of December 2017, the first days of January 2018 brought us.. more of the same, rain and, possibly even worse, the soul-destroying ‘pissing mist’..known as niebla meona in the Sierra de Guadarrama. And then on the … Continue reading

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Sad Old Year..Sierra de Guadarrama sets new depths for no-snow misery

This year-end some in the US are pining for a ‘liddul bit of thaat good ol’ globul worming’..the fact that morons will be morons aside, here in the center of Spain we seem to be getting a pretty good ration … Continue reading

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Snow biking on the Puricelli trail

As i was saying in my last post, we got out on our bikes despite the serious cold temps of recent days..a foray up the Fuenfría Valley as far as the flat Puricelli trail would take us. Cool sensations in … Continue reading

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Two weeks of Autumn, then Winter!

Our interminable Summer finally drew to a close a couple of weeks back, the oaks of the lower Fuenfría Valley seemed to suddenly turn orange-red and temps dropped, and i thought to myself: ‘well, get ready for another December-January Fall … Continue reading

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Much better than the Maladetas, it doesn’t get..

Mountain skiing in Spain – or just simply skiing in Spain – much mo’ better than the Maladetas, ya just don’t get.. still close to 1400m of descent, and multiple 1200m descents, in the middle of May. Add up to … Continue reading

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Maladetas from Barrancs

This Easter, Semana Santa as it’s known locally, i figured it was about time i made a visit to the upper Benasque Valley, with its Maladetas, its moribund glaciers..and its 1000+ meter descents everywhere you look. I’ve been a regular … Continue reading

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