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Wintry day ski to Collado de Dos Hermanas

One Saturday in early March after fresh snowfall, we set out en famille from Cotos with the objective of reaching the col between my beloved Hermanas, the twin peaks that precede Peñalara and figure among the most accessible of the … Continue reading

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Making the most of the snow

Well, this year Winter came late, very late, but when it came, it came for real. No half-hearted attempt at it, full on week-long snowstorms, weather to keep children and old people safe indoors, not apt for the faint-hearted. Days … Continue reading

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The blaze on every hill

Amazing Summer colour in the hills this year.. One of the earliest memories of my childhood in Ireland features my father talking of “the furze blooming yellow in the hills”..and this vague, and perhaps not entirely real, recollection of infancy … Continue reading

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Happy Paddy’s Day

I had quite a happy St Patrick’s Day..and i didn’t down seventeen pints of Guinness or a bottle and a half of Irish whiskey (traditional forms of “celebrating” the day in Éireann).. No, i just got my skis out and … Continue reading

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Tragedy, dragons, avalanches..the mountains are beautiful but also dangerous

Why do people go to the mountains? Because we are drawn by their beauty, by the incomparable sensations that the mountains provoke in us, because the experience of being in the mountains stirs our soul in a way that few … Continue reading

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Sun and snow, beautiful days in the mountains

After weeks of wet weather the anticyclone has made a comeback and will continue to reign over most of Spain for at least ten days. That means clear skies or little cloud, and sunshine..lots of it. Early Spring, anyone? Most … Continue reading

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Guadarrama snow: wet then hard, from mashed potatoes to boilerplate!

Last year, due to exceptional weather conditions, we got a little spoiled by multiple days of powder skiing in Guadarrama ..this year so far is looking more normal..days of wet snow and days of hard snow. Yesterday, Saturday 25, started with pissing … Continue reading

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