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Trees under snow

A surprising quantity of snow fell at October’s end this year thanks to a cold snap produced by a blast of polar air..and even though there was really no accumulation in excess of 20-30cm on the ground – and that … Continue reading

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On logging..

In a moment when there seems to be more urgency than ever to the issue of planting trees and reforestation, i recently found myself reflecting on the antithesis..deforestation and logging. During the Spring ski season of last year i gaily … Continue reading

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Skiing the ‘Electric Piste’ – La Pista Eléktrika!

This one’s been around in my head for a while now..and finally this year it came together. There’s a high-tension line that runs across the mountains of Guadarrama from Puerto Navacerrada to Puerto de los Cotos, dipping down and up … Continue reading

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Where’ve i bin? Skiin’!

Not bin bloggin’ much recently..nor anything much else, apart from working, sleeping and skiing. Skiing the soft, skiing the hard, skiing the wet, skiing the cream, skiing the deep, skiing the crust, skiing the sweet, skiing the light. And while … Continue reading

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Trees, rocks, streams.. in the snow.

This is a tree that i visit regularly in Winter..on days of bad visibility it’s often as high as you can go, or at least the last reliable landmark on the way to the top of Hermana Menor. How many … Continue reading

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The Puricelli trail – el camino Puricelli

There are many celebrated trails in the central Guadarrama area, but surely one of those you must begin with is el camino Puricelli – the Puricelli trail. It starts in Cercedilla, right out of the train station, and meanders up … Continue reading

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Tino bikes to Puerto de Fuenfría..and back!

This past long hot Summer has been exhausting..in part due to the protracted heat that we have suffered, but also as a result of the high frequency of relatively strenuous outdoor activity that we have engaged in. Day-hiking, rock-climbing, biking, … Continue reading

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