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Summer in Éireann..agus in Árainn

Our trip to Ireland this Summer started in Gleann Dá Loch (anglicized as Glendalough), the Valley of the Two Lakes..and its monastic settlement and surrounding hills and mountains. When we arrived the country was still recovering from one of the … Continue reading

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Yes, Spring.. ..but of the warm-to-hot variety..in these last two weeks there have been no cold Spring days. The furious electric twittering of Greenfinches is all about, trees are in radical bloom and flowers are popping up unabashed everywhere..but no … Continue reading

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Sizzling Summer

Summer has arrived. And how? Sweating, sweltering, sizzling,.. superhot. Here in the center of Spain we’ve been suffering a two-week heatwave that started on the 10th of June and is set to continue several days yet. It’s been the hottest … Continue reading

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Dark time of the year?

After a week of Autumnal weather with abundant precipitation, the sun reigns once more in Spanish skies. Just when the long Summer of 2016 seemed to have definitively finished.. it’s back! 24ºC in Cercedilla today and i had to deploy … Continue reading

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Late Summer and Winter Nostalgia is hitting

The Summer scorches on, the sun beats down day after day..local temps have been relatively normal (that means hot, mean temps from late June thru August around 21-22ºC, many days maxing at 28-30ºC) but it has been extremely dry. A … Continue reading

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Unnatural obsessions

I am not unwont, every now and then, to do a little selfie..i wouldn’t exactly say i get very obsessive with it – tho i can repeat and delete up to twenty times and later spend maybe half an hour … Continue reading

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Looking up at the Sierra..and the sun..and looking back

Dear Dad: Everything seems to have its opposite. The dust thrown by bombs thousands of feet into the air drifts over the mountains and the glorious golden Spanish sunsets are supplemented by an unrivaled red and purple against the craggy … Continue reading

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