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On logging..

In a moment when there seems to be more urgency than ever to the issue of planting trees and reforestation, i recently found myself reflecting on the antithesis..deforestation and logging. During the Spring ski season of last year i gaily … Continue reading

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Contrails in Cotos

When i was younger, and perhaps more innocent, i used to think there was something beautiful about the condensation trails left by jet planes crossing the sky. Even now, i have to admit that there is something aesthetically pleasing in … Continue reading

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The Magic of the Mountains

This Summer we have spent several nights out in the mountains, camping wild at various spots around the freshly designated National Park of Guadarrama. But perhaps ironically the most beautiful place that we slept in, not too far from Cotos … Continue reading

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Long-faced welcome for the non-event of the year

In recent days we had the official arrival of Summer, something as i have said (many times) before that i don’t especially welcome. This year i might have been a good deal more positive about it, had i not been … Continue reading

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Other fronts are not so quiet though..

Fancy getting shot while out for a peaceful walk in the National Park of Guadarrama? In my last post i referred to things being quiet on one particular front; on others however there’s lots of shooting going on.. While out for … Continue reading

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