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Stormy Spring skiing

Since early May we’ve had weeks of cloudy skies with storms in the afternoon or late evening – and sometimes in the morning too. While temperatures have remained relatively cool, the amount of water falling from the skies has made … Continue reading

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Where’ve i bin? Skiin’!

Not bin bloggin’ much recently..nor anything much else, apart from working, sleeping and skiing. Skiing the soft, skiing the hard, skiing the wet, skiing the cream, skiing the deep, skiing the crust, skiing the sweet, skiing the light. And while … Continue reading

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Wintry day ski to Collado de Dos Hermanas

One Saturday in early March after fresh snowfall, we set out en famille from Cotos with the objective of reaching the col between my beloved Hermanas, the twin peaks that precede Peñalara and figure among the most accessible of the … Continue reading

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Yet another January scarce in snow..

I hate to be repetitious but that’s the way January is in the mountains of Guadarrama in recent times. Scarce in snow. Prodigious in days of high pressure, sun, temperature inversion and seas of cloud.. ..and low in snow. Some … Continue reading

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Dark time of the year?

After a week of Autumnal weather with abundant precipitation, the sun reigns once more in Spanish skies. Just when the long Summer of 2016 seemed to have definitively finished.. it’s back! 24ºC in Cercedilla today and i had to deploy … Continue reading

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Guiris taking over Guadarrama?

Foreigners are no strangers to the heights of the Sierra de Guadarrama. Guiris*, Spanish colloquial word for foreigners of European origin, were among the first to frequent the Sierra for the purpose of scientific investigation from the early 19th century and … Continue reading

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Long-faced welcome for the non-event of the year

In recent days we had the official arrival of Summer, something as i have said (many times) before that i don’t especially welcome. This year i might have been a good deal more positive about it, had i not been … Continue reading

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