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Back..to the furnace!

Just got back to Spain yesterday, after two weeks in Ireland where the temperatures never reached much above 18-19ºC, and..it was the hottest day of the Summer! Ok, it’s normally not too warm in Éire but this year August has … Continue reading

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From the heights of Summer to the depths of Winter

This is one of my favourite photos from this past Winter. It gives me great solace, in the heat of Summer, to allow memory to overflow imagination and let the mind wallow in deep snow. Not that i’m suffering too … Continue reading

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Cool Summer..again!

As i’ve said so many times in the past on this blog, i often suffer thru the Summer in Spain. Some years it’s better, others it’s worse..when the temperatures soar, putting up with the heat day after day can be … Continue reading

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Krazy with a kapital K? – Guadarrama ski..in August!

Often when i tell people from outside of the Peninsula that i ski fifty plus days a year (well, in good years at least) in the center of Spain, they look at me like i suddenly sprouted a second head. … Continue reading

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Great Yellow Gentians and great white snowfields

Another yellow phenomenon of the Guadarrama Summer is the Great Yellow Gentian (Gentiana lutea), known locally as genciana amarilla. Growing to 70-80cm high and found only above 2000m it is undoubtedly the dominant spectacle of local high mountain flora in July..appearing singly here … Continue reading

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Cold Spring days, yes..but sheep have to be sheared!

After yet another great (and wintry) day of ski last Friday, on Saturday i headed to the North of Madrid with my son and some friends to witness the annual sheep shearing festival of Puebla de la Sierra. I already … Continue reading

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Cool Summer!

On this the first day of Autumn, I look back at the Summer of 2011 and can’t help thinking: what a cool Summer! The fact is it was pretty cool, literally. I don’t normally love the Summers in Spain too … Continue reading

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