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Éireannach is ea mé, i mo chónaí insan Spáinn. Rugadh mé i lár na tuaithe, ar feadh blianta bhí mé ag teitheadh uaithi, i bhfad as an tuath, ach sa deireadh d’fhill mé, ar ais go dtí an tuath..

An Irishman am i, settled in Spain. Born was i in the middle of the country, for years i ran from it, far from the country, but in the end i returned, back to the country..

At 2000m with fresh snow, Hermana Menor South.

At 2000m with fresh snow, Hermana Menor South.

..and for certain days in Winter’s mountains, high above the high Castilian plains, i live, and yes, my country life is nurtured too..by cold Spring days.

As for the Iberian Summer and Autumn, well, i get thru them as best i can..suffering a bit from the awful heat of often infernal verano, hoping and praying that it won’t be prolonged into the Fall..which, the not so dry years, can be very beautiful in the mountains, oak-orangebrown otoño and its fern festival.. above all what nourishes me, what sustains me thru the days of intense heat are the images in my head, the memories of days such as the one represented below..the idea, the hope that the deep of Winter will come again!

Wauw..bhí sé sin guay!

Wauw..bhí sé sin guay!

..porque el frío conserva la vida?


3 Responses to About i

  1. Martin says:

    Yoda like you are, with the backwardness of the translations literal…..photos of greatness however, to be sure, to be sure!!!

  2. Cormac O'Connell says:

    Great website. Great info. First thing I found when looking for ski touring around Sierra de Madrid.
    From a fellow irishman looking to move back to Madrid this summer from Switzerland.
    Looking forward to many more days summer and winter in the Sierra!
    I’ll keep eyes on this blog

    • Thanks Cormac. If you want, feel free to get in touch when you’re back in Madrid..we can meet up for some activity.
      No shortage of rock around Madrid in the Summer, and lots of good biking..but, after the Swiss experience, you might find some years in the Sierra the Winter scene can be frustrating. Lots of snow this year but we do have (very)low-snow years too.

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