Hard snow ski

I generally tend to publish photos of my son skiing what some denominate the backcountry..mountain skiing or ski-touring, whatever you like to call it..skiing on natural snow or wild snow – back to nature and all that. But we do ski on groomed snow and on artificial snow every once in a while too..resort skiing or skiing on piste – and here’s a photo to prove it.

Skiing on the 'groomed' piste known as El Bosque.

Skiing on the ‘groomed’ piste known as El Bosque.

I’m not particularly crazy about spending time in ski-stations, the mechanized mountains of our times, but there is some justification for it when it comes to learning, practising new techniques and suchlike. And when their isn’t much natural snow about, or what there is of natural snow is something akin to reinforced concrete, or there’s lots of natural snow and avalanche danger is high, or the weather is just not conducive..then the resort scenario, though often vulgarly unattractive – when not downright ugly – in its transposition of urban shittiness to the mountains, can seem more tolerable.

At the moment we’re experiencing the ‘reinforced concrete’ variation in justifications for resort skiing, but it’s not like the supposedly groomed or machined snow of the piste in the above picture was especially good to ski. Underneath a couple of centimeters of loose crystals – quickly banished to the side-borders of the piste – lay a bed of ‘snow’ which offered sensations that i imagine as not dissimilar to skiing on polished asphalt. Smoother and faster than the bone-jarring rough concrete sensations off piste..but not a whole lot of fun either.

We have been getting out to the wild the odd day too..and sweeter sensations!

Hiking for turns..in more or less wild snow.

Hiking for turns..in more or less wild snow.

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