Winter’s Wonders..

Winter’s often will they come again?

The astronomical Winter is upon us once more..and once more there is little sign of the meteorological Winter or anything resembling its traditional aspect. We had an inch or two of fresh snow up high once again the other day..but it’s already vanished. Temperatures have been cool enough with a frosty nip in the air some mornings, but on the whole precipitation has come in the form of rain..and not a whole lot of it this past month. The sun reigns in the sky most days. Over the last ten years it can be said that the tendency for meteorological Winter in the Sierra de Guadarrama to begin closer to mid-January has become firmly established. It’s not like we always had snow to ski at November’s end in the previous ten years, but three or four years out of ten there was good skiing to be had from early December on.

Worrying. And then there’s the proliferation of alarming scientific reports on tipping points, feedback loops, domino cascades in the climatology domain over recent months..combined with the pathetic attempts to take real action to curb our planet-burning or, worse still, the ongoing trundling pig-faced denial that there is any problem at all by various political slobs and thugs occupying ‘leadership’ roles, and this in the face of massive and mounting evidence to the contrary.

Happy times for humans on Planet Earth!



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Éireannach is ea mé, i mo chonaí insan Spáinn. Rugadh mé i lár na tuaithe, ar feadh blianta bhí mé ag teitheadh uaithi, i bhfad as an tuath, ach sa deireadh d'fhill mé, ar ais go dtí an tuath.. An Irishman am I, settled in Spain. Born was I in the middle of the country, for years I ran from it, far from the country, but in the end I returned, back to the country..
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