Nature on the ropes..?

Nature vs Humans..? If that’s how it is – and some people would say that’s exactly how it is – then Nature’s in trouble. According to recent data from WWF, wild animal populations have dropped by 52% over the past 40 years. That means that for every 10 wild animals on the planet in 1970, now there are less than 5. Humans in that time have gone up from around 4 billion to over 7 billion in 2014. A century ago there were an estimated 100,000 tigers walking on Earth, in 2014 there are about 3,000. Seven billion humans, three thousand tigers. 7,000,000,000 vs 3,000. Doesn’t look so good for the future of tigers, does it?

More generally, it doesn’t look very good for the future of the planet (that includes humans)..we are using more and more of the planet’s resources, and there will come a moment when this generates really BIG problems. Basically, we are stealing from our children. We are robbing them of their future.

Check out the Living Planet Report 2014. Though some might say that “Dying Planet Report” would be a more appropriate title..

And more numbers here.

On the other hand we humans are not all bad..a video that has been popular on the net the last few weeks shows the two sides: the good guys are seen treating an elephant who has been wounded by a poison arrow shot into the huge animal’s back leg by poachers..obviously the bad guys, though they don’t appear in the video. Of course there are lots of other bad people who don’t appear in the video either, the peeps who buy ivory products, for example. The big market for ivory is newly rich China. But what about the peeps who do business with Chinese companies or buy Chinese products – fomenting Chinese growth and all that new wealth that creates huge demand for ivory and kills elephants – are those peeps good or bad?

See the video embedded in a Natonal Geographic article here.


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