Kid climber..and kool Summer

Little rockclimber in action!

Little rockclimber in action!

The end of Summer and early Autumn has always been, for me, the time of year best suited to rock snow as in Winter-Spring, no Pyrenean or Alpine trips as in Spring-Summer, generally dry and warm weather in central Spain, some years even up to November.

For various reasons, injury etc, i haven’t done much climbing at all in recent years..but this last month i’ve been getting out on the rocks a bit with my son. Small crags, even boulders, doesn’t matter, it’s all grist to his mill. I know some people think that plastic indoor climbing is in some way more appropriate for small children..and yes, on a wet day, i would probably agree(!) But otherwise.. there’s nothing like being outdoors.

And there’s no reason why a little guy can’t climb happily outdoors. Obviously you have to choose carefully where you’re going to play. Even easy III/IV grade terrain can be challenging for somebody who has a meter less of reach. And even when climbing top-roped you have to take into account fall and pendulum potential. But it’s not that difficult.

Evening light silhouetted rapper (well, he thought he was rapping!)

Little rapper silhouetted in the evening light (well, he thought he was rapping!)

There’s certainly a place for the gym too..but if the atmospheric conditions permit, real rock beats the plastic hands down, any day.

Playing in the outdoor gym.

Playing in the outdoor gym.

Now that Summer’s over, i can conclusively conclude that it has indeed been a truly cool one. At least locally. And not taking into account the several weeks i spent in cooler northern climes. In the Guadarrama area, apart from a couple of brief hot spells in mid to late July and end of August-start of September, temps were very moderate all Summer. Figures for Cercedilla here. A little surprisingly, national data says that the Summer was overall slightly warmer than the norm (defined by period of reference 1971-2000)..but Spain is not a small country, so i guess it can be cooler in one area while warmer in others.



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