Earth Hour

I meant to do a post last week about celebrating Earth Hour on Saturday 29 March, when people all over the world turned out the lights and shut down electrical devices for an hour to show that they care about the planet..but i had a really busy week and just didn’t get around to it..

Candlelit dinner for Earth Hour..almost

Candlelit dinner for Earth Hour..almost.

Well, i mean to say..we did celebrate Earth Hour but i didn’t get around to doing the post about it. Above you can see the table set up for dinner..although the truth is that by the time we were ready to eat, Earth Hour was well over and, quite tired and not feeling particularly romantic or anything, we just put the lights on, ate and went to bed.

I suppose i’m not really big into collective actions in general, but i don’t want to be apathetic about Earth Hour. I’m sure millions of peeps around the globe had wonderful semi-dark dinners..maybe we’ll get it right next year.


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