Extreme weather event

Water under the bridge..lots of it. Río Venta flowing down from the Fuenfría Valley and thru Cercedilla.

Water under the bridge..lots of it. Río Venta flowing down from the Fuenfría Valley and thru Cercedilla.

I’ve been talking (complaining) about the rain quite a bit over the last couple of months but yesterday, the first of March 2014, threatened to leave me speechless (not to mention snowless). It began to rain early in the morning in Cercedilla – above 1500m it was snowing, making for a couple of hours of good skiing before the rain reached higher levels – and it continued to rain all day, never ceasing, and increasing in intensity as the afternoon wore on. By midnight 117.9mm of rain had fallen in Cercedilla. Let me put that in context. A normal day of fairly serious rain in Cercedilla would amount to about 30mm. 40mm is not unusual. 50mm in a day is more rare, maybe once or twice a year. 60mm is exceptional. Last year we had a downpour/extreme weather event in January which brought 59.2mm of rain in one day. That seemed like a lot of water. As i said in my post a few days later, you would have to go back to 2007 to find a similar figure, 57mm..and back to 2005 to find a higher figure, 73mm, totally extraordinary. But yesterday we had..118mm. And today the rain goes on falling, albeit with less intensity. The monthly average rainfall for March is about 90mm. We already have almost 150mm..on the second day of the month.

And some people can’t see any evidence of climate change.

Funny world.


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1 Response to Extreme weather event

  1. Marcos says:

    I wish all that water had come in form of snow!

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