Ants..or getting out your inner SS man

I talk about getting back to Nature..but what about when Nature comes – forcefully – to you? Like tornados or overflowing rivers or..ants? Not so cool. I’ve never seen ants like this Summer, they are everywhere. And though i’ve had a few ants in my house before, it was never a big problem..careful sweeping was usually enough to deal with it. Not this year. After days and days of desperate and ever more brutal brushing i began to realize that i was not going to be able to sweep them off the balcony or keep them out of the living room just by means of a simple brush. And then they began to appear in the large numbers. I was sweeping out hundreds every fifteen minutes..and next they started to climb onto the shelves, among packages and plates. Infestation. Not possible to sweep them out even if you had all day to dedicate to it. I wrote before about ahimsa and trying to avoid the unnecessary killing of insects. I usually only deliberately kill mosquitos and the odd fly when they get numerous. But these ants were leaving me with no options. I began by simply killing them with my hands but obviously this was going to be no more a solution than the sweeping brush. Boric acid – of “Pedro J. dice que explota” fame – has proved to be quite effective, and environmentally inoffensive. I’ve probably been responsible for the deaths of thousands of ants over the last weeks..and i know that there are billions more out there but still that doesn’t make me feel very comfortable with it. However the option was having a house full of ants, and i just didn’t feel like sharing with millions of little black foreigners, having protein-enriched müsli every morning..and, well, killing’s not so bad.. you even get used to it.


About coldspringdays

Éireannach is ea mé, i mo chonaí insan Spáinn. Rugadh mé i lár na tuaithe, ar feadh blianta bhí mé ag teitheadh uaithi, i bhfad as an tuath, ach sa deireadh d'fhill mé, ar ais go dtí an tuath.. An Irishman am I, settled in Spain. Born was I in the middle of the country, for years I ran from it, far from the country, but in the end I returned, back to the country..
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