Weird, weird weather!

This year the weather is weirder than ever.. In the middle of January i was worrying that it was beginning to look like another non-Winter..and then we had two and a half months of non-stop Winter, and the invernal season is still going strong in early April. Some will say that, well, it’s just a normal Winter.. Well, there was nothing very normal about the weather up to the 16th of January, and thereafter if we look at the numbers it’s pretty hard to make out anything that could be classified as normal either. Here follow some figures for Cercedilla.

First precipitation: the normal figure for precipitation in January is 90mm. In 2012 – the weirdest Winter ever – Cercedilla got 12mm of rain, practically nothing. This year, 2013, we got 242mm of precipitation, including rainfall and snowfall. And we got practically all of it in twelve days from the 16th to the 27th of January ..look normal to you? Sounds like an extreme weather event to me. February was more normal. The average figure is 91mm and we got 116mm, a little higher than normal but nothing out of the ordinary. Then came March. The normal figure for precipitation in March is 88mm..and this year Cercedilla received 270mm between rain and snow. More than triple the average. How’s that for normal? And we’re not off to a bad start in April either..

What about temperature? This i find difficult to understand.. the lowest recorded temperature this year in Cercedilla was at 8.30am on the 8th of January, -6.8ºC – it was a Tuesday morning and i was taking my son to school and i remember that it was certainly cold that day..but nothing out of the ordinary. It’s not unusual to have days of -10ºC in January or February. And note that this was well before the Winter actually started ten days later. The weird thing is that thereafter temperatures barely went below -2º or -3º thru the rest of the month. More of the same in February, with two days of -4.6ºC towards the end of the month.  And the lowest temperature in March was -3.8ºC. Hardly what you would call polar conditions. It might even be said that these figures correspond to a mild Winter.. and yet i have never had as many days of perfect powder skiing conditions in the thirteen Winters i have lived in Cercedilla – serious cold being the fundamental requirement for such conditions.

Of course these are just local figures, and they probably cannot be extrapolated to national level. Although the enormous amounts of precipitation in the North of the Peninsula correlate pretty closely.

All the data referenced can be found here.



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3 Responses to Weird, weird weather!

  1. Marcos says:

    From my point of view all this facts are simply statistical fluctuations. I don´t think there´s anything strange this season. Some winters are good and some are bad.

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