Tree-skiing in el Bosque de Cotos – Winter Wonderland

El bosque de Cotos - full of wonderful powder!

El bosque de Cotos – full of wonderful powder!

Mountain activities and sports provide us with some of the finest pleasures known to our senses.. walking thru the mountains – just being there – gives great pleasure to most people, climbing renders a very intense pleasure, and skiing, the sensation of sliding over snow, is among the profoundest of pleasures in my opinion.

Powder glade I

Powder glade I

Indeed the varied forms of ski offer subtly different sensations..but i don’t think there is anything to better skiing among trees in powder.

Powder glade II

Powder glade II

In the Sierra de Guadarrama dry cold fresh-fallen low-density snow – “powder” to skiers – is not something we are overly spoilt with..indeed in recent years snow in any form has been somewhat scarce. However we do occasionally get some of the magical fluffy white crystals..only problem is the wind tends to move it around and pack it here and leave nothing there.. except among the trees in certain orientations..



One of these places where, for a few fleeting days or even just hours, powder accumulates in interesting quantities is the wooded area above the Puerto de Cotos. Often the accumulation is minimal and the snow transforms the same day it falls.. but once in a while you can find a foot or even up to half a meter and it lasts for two or three whole days.. and then..




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3 Responses to Tree-skiing in el Bosque de Cotos – Winter Wonderland

  1. Marcos says:

    Good photos! I would´ve enjoyed snowboarding there that day! Unfortunately I have to work from Monday to Friday.

  2. Marcos says:

    Since I like the photos of this entry, I decided to download them, but it couldn´t see their date and time. I organize the photos according to that infomation, so please help me!

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