Ferns, glorious ferns

Ferns in Fuenfría

Ferns in Fuenfría

Marcher dans un forêt entre deux haies de fougères transfigurées par l’automne, c’est cela un triomphe. Que sont a côté suffrages et ovations? 

Emil Cioran’s illumination among the ferns maybe of the Bois de Boulogne is something that i have been fortunate enough to reproduce several times in the Fuenfría Valley.

“Walking along a forest path between banks of ferns transfigured by the Autumn, now that is a triumph. In comparison what are election victories and ovations?”

And since ferns are among the most ancient of plants it is likely that as long as aesthetic consciousness has existed in animals like us others have experienced similar autumnal illuminations.

This Fall, once more far from prodigal in precipitations, has, once more, failed to flourish in Fuenfría. The blackberry has hardly known a worse year in the last ten, nor has there been any abundance of fungi in the Sierra so far, and the leaves of the rebollo went from green to brown starting in mid-August. But the ferns are there with their wondrous show of colour among the wild pines. These lowly primitive plants which have no flower might be said to weirdly “blossom” in Autumn, forming an often ethereal golden or russet layer that seems to float above the ground between the grey trunks of their heaven-reaching neighbours.


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3 Responses to Ferns, glorious ferns

  1. Angel says:

    Nice post

  2. Marcos says:

    Yes, yes ferns are wonderful, but I prefer them in July and August.

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